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The work of MRDA is built upon a solid foundation of design excellence, derived from constant dialogues and teamwork efforts amongst clients, allied professionals, contractors and end users.

The practice is committed to providing design of a high caliber that meets and fulfills client’s requirements. 

The quality of design influences our lives and the built environment. Culture, tradition, climate, and technology form the parameter in which we seek to create specifically detailed buildings that are intimately connected to context and function. 

We place great emphasis on understanding our client’s philosophy, needs and values.  While we embrace technological advancement, we also draw on past experiences and wisdom to ensure the best results are achieved through a synthesis of concept, beauty, and functional integration.

The quality and success of the projects we have been involved in are often time and again demonstrated by the results we achieve in meeting our clients functional needs, fulfilling project’s commercial intent, achieving cost-effective solutions, and a proficient project management.

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MRDA on Sustainability

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Since the year 2000 more of us live in cities than in rural conditions. Entire new cities and mega cities are emerging in the developing world. These cities are forming as existing urban centres merge – all of which puts an increased pressure on the planet’s ecosystems. as a result, people across the world are becoming more aware of the need to design, construct and manage sustainable buildings.

Thinking about tomorrow today

33% percent of global GHG emissions are from buildings. 40% of global energy is consumed by buildings. 2 to 5 times more pollutants are found inside buildings. We spend one third of our lives at work and 90% of that in buildings.

Our decisions and actions as designers today have an impact on the planet for future generations. Our ultimate goal is the improved long-term quality of both human life and the supporting ecosystems. We must make decisions with future generation in mind.

At MRDA we set sustainability targets for every project and offer solutions through innovative research and practice that deliver business advantages for our clients and stakeholders.

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